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Oriental Thai Massage at Kundalini Massages

There are many different techniques used in Oriental Thai Massages to ensure your sexual arousal level is heightened, and if you enjoy the eastern massage, Kundalini Oriental Massage is for you.

Your Masseuse girl will work systematically on the intrinsic energies of the body to affect the pattern of energy flow, the ultimate determinant of good health, By now, your body should feel like putty in the masseuse's gentle hands and every area she touches feels moulded into a relaxed state. You will only return to consciousness when your masseuse switches, and concentrates your massage by massaging my arms with powerful strokes, then as the tension evaporates, she will switch to other areas.
She will uniquely influence muscle physiology in a way that counteracts muscle shortening, the cause of most muscular-skeletal pain.
Your masseuse will have available many ways to enhance your well being, but always being guided by you to increase your pleasure level to take you to a shattering orgasm.
Kundalini Playa de Las AmericasTenerife for that so special Oriental Thai massage
Oriental Massage Thai Tenerife
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