Kundalini New Location


You can find the New Kundalini salon in

Zentral Centre

Playa de Las Americas.

We are opposite the Hotel Andorra.

If you are standing where the Street map photograph was taken, you should be looking at the entrance between the two buildings. (This is to the right of the bank.) The lift is directly in front of you inside the entrance between the buildings right in front of you.

Take the lift to the 4th Floor and you will find the salon 10 metres from here.

The entrance is very discrete, we do not have a sign on the entrance, we have just a plain entrance.

Nearby landmarks to the Zentral Centre include "Hotel Andorra" "Hotel Vulcano" "Hotel Noelia Sur" and "the Football Stadium, you are very close.

We also have underground parking in this building. The entrance to the Car Park is in the road to the left hand side of the building. 

At the bottom of the entrance down ramp, turn right. The correct lift is 100 metres directly in front of you. You can take the car park lift direct from the parking level to the 4th floor. Ask Irene for a concession client parking ticket on your departure from Kundalini.

If you have trouble finding us please telephone us, and we will be pleased to guide you to the Kundalini salon.


(0034) 693 979 153