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2 girl tantric massage Tenerife
massage tenerife
massage Tenerife

Kundalini Tantric Massage Tenerife

Welcome to the experience. Kundalini intimate Tantric and Oriental massage centres in Tenerife for both ladies and men, and concentrate in awakening the sexual and sensual energies of your body.

Tantric Massage Tenerife

Kundalini Tantric Massage Tenerife brings together body and mind, and takes you to an intense mental and physical level where your totally nude masseuse lifts you into an intimate state of expectancy, taking you to the ultimate peak of mental and sometimes sexual arousal.

Massage Tenerife

We must stress that we do not offer sex, we offer something completely different and much better! You will experience an out of body experience that will leave your body shaking with pleasure.

Your masseuse knows precisely how to take body and mind to the ultimate sexual experience using her hand and body to touch every part of your body, and then release in one intimate moment all tensions, and then bring you slowly down to a relaxed state of wellbeing.
Our Massage Therapists in Tenerife South and Barcelona offer massage, however do not offer sex, so it is important that you understand that the basis of Tantra is not about sex, but more the intimate gathering of energies already in your body, and a concentration of these energies into an intimate and sexually charged atmosphere.
Enjoy the waves of mental excitement and relaxation at the hands of an experienced female masseuse. Fully enjoy your sexuality and use it to reinforce your body and mind. Treat yourself to a Tantric experience at our salon.
Yoni and Lingam  Massage
Tantric ensures your visit is a balance of physical and mental well being, brought together with the harmonising and excitement of your whole being. Release from this wonderful physical high is usual but not with Sex, it is not offered by the Therapists we offer something far more satisfying, when both body and mind peak in sexual and mental release.

Come for a Massage and for a massage in the morning you get 0% discount. Special offer is valid for all massages starting between 10:30 and 13:30.

kundalini massage tenerife

Kundalini Tantric and Oriental Massages offer a discount off our standard prices. This special offer is also only valid for massages starting between 13:30 to 17:30 Specials details here

Morning Specials

For those on a tight schedule we offer a 30 minute massage for 50. Special offer is valid for massages starting between 10:00 to 13:00 only.

Specials details here

Start your day in Kundalini Massages and gain joy and energy for the rest of the day!

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Kundalini Massages Tenerife

Complex Oro Verde
Av Ernesto Sarti 14
Playa de Las Americas
(0034) 693 979 153
Opening Hours every day from 10 a.m. to 20:00
To ensure your masseuse is fully prepared for you, make a telephone reservation prior to your visit to our salon please!
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