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Austria Big Thanks to Andrea from cz
Client comment: Hi, I was on holidays in tenerife about two weeks ago and had two amazing tantra massages with Andrea. She was very sensitive and caring and I could relax immediately. I experienced the full body orgasm for the first time. Back in Austria I went to a very experienced high-priced tantra masseuse and I can say, Andrea was much better. It is hard to describe but it felt like she exactly knew what area of the body she has to touch with the exact right pressure and she gave me a very intimate, cozy feeling. So big big thanks to you - Andrea - these massages I will never forget. Andi from Austria
Kundalini comment: Hi Andreas, thank you for taking the time to write to Our Kundalini website and for your lovely comments. It is so rewarding for us, the ladies, to hear you left us totally relaxed and with a big smile on your face. Our message is one of "sensual massage" and enjoyment. There is much for you to try, and we have so many new techniques to bring that sensual feeling back. Thank you from Andrea.

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